Rustic Cobblestones

Synthetic pavers with rounded corners

Rustic cobblestones - Stone collection Rustic cobblestones - Stone collection
Rouge oxyde / Red oxyd

Our synthetic cobblestones are flat pavers manufactured industrially in methacrylate resin & marble aggregates (granulometry 0.6-1.25).
The classic rustic model is flat, with rounded edges and slightly irregular edges to give a traditional style.

  • Dyed in the mass
  • Resistant to impacts and abrasion
  • High stability of shapes and colours
  • Anti-slip
  • Aesthetics
  • Pre-cut

We can manufacture rustic paving stones up to the 20x20 cm format and any type of shape on request: letters, numbers, blazon, wave, polygon etc... Other tints on request for orders of at least 100 m².

Pavers are pre-cut and packed in 2 m² boxes.

Caractéristiques techniques

- 10 x 10 cm
- 10 x 20 cm
- 12 x 12 cm
- 15 x 10 cm
- 15 x 15 cm
- 15 x 20 cm
- 20 x 20 cm
Thickness: +/-  5 mm
Models: Rustic (rounded corners and irregular shape) 
Colours: rock colour (light, medium, dark), cream, white, grey, oxide red, light grey, dark grey, marble white, light pink, light yellow, marble yellow, dark yellow, indian red
Packaging: 2

Fixing system with HERACLES.