Rumble strip cobblestones

Synthetic pavers used to calm traffic

Rumble strip cobblestones Rumble strip cobblestones Rumble strip pavers
Granite jaune / Yellow granit

This device makes it possible to signal danger areas by a slight vibration of the vehicle and to slow down in the areas concerned: urban, public or private roads.
The rumble strip cobblestone also makes it possible to embellish and renovate all your installations by its choice of formats and colours.

Possible installations:
Pedestrian crossing, central islands, roundabouts, delimitation strips, raised platforms....

- Made in full mass
- High durability
- Stability
- Anti-slip
- Low clogging
- Rapid re-circulation
- Aesthetics
- Does not deform

Caractéristiques techniques

- 10x10 cm
- 10x15 cm
- 10x20 cm
Thickness: 2 cm x 1 cm
Packaging: box of 0.5 m²
Fixing system: HERACLES resin

The rumble strip cobblestones are made of methacrylate resin, dyed in the mass and inlaid with natural marble aggregates 1.25-2.5.
Implementation is quick and easy. It is carried out by simply gluing with our HERACLES glue on road surfaces (asphalt, concrete) with our system which allows a great durability and a fast circulation of the traffic thanks to the polymerization of the glue.