Pedestrian or family white preformed symbols

T SIGN pedestrian symbol, woman + child or family symbols

Humans Symbols for ground signaling - Preformed T SIGN models Pedestrian Symbol preformed

Examples of preformed T SIGN shapes which can be used on bands reserved for pedestrians, or car parks.
All these symbols are white preformed marking, certified and pre-beaded.

3 shapes to choose from:

  • White Pedestrian Symbol (PTC0136 - 100x400 mm)
  • Woman + Child white Symbol (PTC0217 - 600x500 mm)
  • Family Symbol (PTC0791 - 1000x1000 mm)

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Caractéristiques techniques

Dimensions (Lxl) and packaging:
Pedestrian Symbol: 1000x400 mm
5 unit per cardboard
Woman+chid Symbol: 600x500 mm
1 unit per cardboard
Family Symbol: 1000x1000 mm
​1 unit per cardboard

Tool: gas burner